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WARNING: The information found on this website has been known to cause massive amounts of leads and in-store traffic.  Proceed only if you are REALLY serious about increasing your sales and profits...

Automatically Generate a Flood of Highly Qualified Sales Leads Ready, Willing and Able to Buy From Your Right Now!

"Qualified Buyers Are Out There and I'm Going to Show You How and Where to Find Them"


Are you ready to stop worrying about how the economy, high gas prices and world events will affect your sales?

Are you willing to stop wasting your valuable time and money on conventional advertising that isn't producing the results you want?

Are you able to make a decision today that can keep a steady line of prospects coming to your business…100% guaranteed!

If You Are, Then You're About to Discover A Program That Will Change The Way You Market Your Products and Store FOREVER. 

From The Desk Of: David Carleton

San Diego, California

Attention: Business Owners:

I’m about to give you the shortcut you’ve been looking for to set up a powerful lead generation system that provides specific, step-by-step detailed strategies, that will turbo charge your sales and drive targeted prospects to your business almost immediately.

Regardless of how you many sales you’re getting now, there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of additional prospects in your trading area that have thought about buying from you at one time or another. The secret is to develop a way to find them and convince them to buy from

“What You WANT is Ready-to-Buy Prospects”

 What You NEED is a Proven System That Can Get Them To Walk Through Your Front Door!

Introducing ...

The Ultimate Lead Generation System©

The Ultimate Lead Generation System is a set of powerful sales and marketing strategies that can help grow your business in less time and with less effort than most other marketing systems... 

  • Even if you've got no business plan or  marketing strategy in place at the moment...

  • Even if you've got no sales and marketing experience...

  • Even if your business is new or in its early days.

Lead Generation System

For a lead generation system to be effective it must:

  1. Be Quick to get started, Easy to implement, and Simple to maintain

  2. Leverage all your other sales and marketing efforts and be capable of producing fast results
  3. Continue to produce good results for long periods of time – it must be “viral”

The Ultimate Lead Generation System does all that and more...

Here Are Just a Few Unique Strategies You'll Discover In The Ultimate Lead Generation System©


The huge advantage of "Niche Marketing".  I’ll give you 9 ways to identify and target your own niche. Get this right and you’ve just eliminated 90% of your competitors.  I’ll show you how.


One of the most powerful methods of turning a luke-warm prospect into a red-hot highly qualified sales lead. This is so easy yet so overlooked that it just amazes me.


How to use a very simple free report to generate sales.  I’ll give you 9 tactics for getting your special reports opened, read and appreciated.


How to set up your own TRULY automated follow-up marketing system (1 of 3) for current customers that runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  This system is easy to set up AND its free AND readily available AND is so effective that you’ll kick yourself for not using it until now. 


How to create another  follow-up marketing system (2 of 3) for potential customers that come into your showroom for the first time and don’t buy.  Training your sales team to ask just 2 easy questions can dramatically increase your sales and their commission.


Find out why customers buy from your competition and not from you.  A very simple guerilla tactic you can use to spy on your competition.  


A really cool system that requires little manual effort (nearly autopilot), generates names, addresses and email addresses, gives permission to market to the lead, creates a positive relationship, and generates consistent, predictable results.  Wait until you hear how you can use this program to triple or quadruple the effectiveness of any promotional campaign.


How to create and develop your own 15-step follow-up marketing system (3 of 3) using a few simple tools that will dramatically increase your closing ratio


Would you like to get seven times the response at one-fourth the cost with your direct mail efforts?   Postcard marketing is the most overlooked moneymaking secret in the industry.  I’ll show you yet another auto-pilot system that your current and future customers will love so much that they'll think your "part of the family"

"Sometimes I Spend Hours With a Prospect and They Still Can't Seem to Make a Decision.  If They Are Interested Enough to Make a Special Trip to See Me, Why Don’t They Buy?"


Why?   Because they are afraid that they may:

  • buy the wrong model

  • be buying from the wrong company

  • pay too much

  • not like it when they get it home

  • not have done enough research

  • etc., etc., etc.

 This Ultimate Lead Generation System Shows You How to Overcome Your Prospects Fear of Making the Wrong Buying Decision 

How about this...


7 emotional appeals that stimulate people to action.  Understand and use these triggers that drive your prospects to make decisions.


Become a "Doctor" - Stop being viewed as "just a salesman" that sells things, become the expert in your field - a trusted advisor, just like a Doctor.  When you go to a Doctor, he tells you what you need to do and you do it.  I'll show you how you can become a "Doctor".


Conventional wisdom says that 2 out of 3 potential buyers shop your competitors after they visit you.  I’ll show you a systematic follow-up system that will eliminate the customers need to do that…and they’ll thank you for it. 


The most underutilized and “scariest” lead generation tool in your company – and you probably own 3-10 of them.  9 tips for getting prospects off the phone and into your store


Are you making the 2 biggest lead generation telephone mistakes?  Most businesses are and don't even know it...and it's costing them a lot of money.  Discover how to turn every phone call you get into a potential prospect (and never make these telephone mistakes again).


The 2 biggest mistakes 95% of all companies make after the sale is made – change these 2 things and your sales will increase dramatically

Unfortunately, most companies that do have an "official" lead generation program rely on only 1 or 2 methods to attract potential customers.  Since most lead generation methods are cumbersome, hard to administer and follow up with, most companies just get too frustrated with doing any more than they absolutely have to.  What a shame!

You Can Finally Stop Banging Your Head Against the Wall Trying to Figure Out What You’re Doing Wrong.

Take a Look at Everything That's Available for Immediate Download!

All Manuals and Bonuses Come in PDF format for immediate download

The Ultimate Lead Generation Business Manual

Value $147


Lead Generation System

98 pages worth of invaluable advice, how to's, examples, strategies and tactics for creating the most effective lead generation system for your business.  In addition, I've included resource sections so you can find and use some of the same tools I use to find, communicate and close leads.


Bonus Special Report # 1

Value $29


Double Your Current Marketing Results For Half of What You're Currently Investing 

An in-depth look at maximizing your marketing efforts.  Tips and tricks to get your prospects off the phone and into your store.  I've included actual scripts (proven winners) that you can start using immediately



Bonus Special Report # 2

Value $29


Promoting Your Business To The Top 

P.T. Barnum once said "without promotion something terrible happens...nothing!"  I've included the following to get your creative juices flowing...

  • A list of 20 Unique and Effective Promotional Ideas

  • A 17 Point Checklist for Direct Mail Success

  • Guarantee Marketing: Turn Your Guarantee Into  Competitive Weapon - I'll Show You How


Bonus Special Report # 3

Value $29


Key Telephone Strategies for Owners, Managers and Especially Your Employees 

You pay good money to make the phone ring.  Don’t blow it when someone at your store answers. 

 I have included several inbound and outbound telephone strategies that you can use to make your phone one your most powerful marketing weapons.


Bonus Special Report # 4

Value $29


13 Elements of a Sales Generating Advertisement 

Nobody can guarantee a winning advertisement.  The only way to know for sure is to test it.  But there are several elements that you can incorporate into your ad to give it s better chance of being a winner.

This report will review 13 key elements that you must consider when developing any type of advertisement.


Bonus Special Report # 5

Value $99


Yellow Page Advertising Secrets Revealed...

What Your Ad Rep Doesn't Want You To Know! 

Don't waste another dime on a yellow page ad until you read this very special report. 

I've included timely tips, tricks and ideas to turn your yellow page ad into a sales lead generating machine.  How to get them off the phone and into your store or office.


Bonus # 6

Value $150


3 Fact-Filled Website & Internet Marketing e-Books Hand Selected From my Personal Library






I have personally selected 3 of my favorite e-books designed to give you practical and timely information on how to create your a blog, advertise on Google and optimize your website to attract more search engine traffic.  These books conveniently come on a bonus CD so they are easy to take with you wherever your go.


So Let's Add It All Up...


Description Purchased Separately Entire

1. The Ultimate Lead Generation System Manual




Bonus Special Report # 1 - Double Your Current Marketing Results For Half of What You're Currently Investing.




Bonus Special Report # 2 - Promoting Your Business to The Top




Bonus Special Report # 3 - Key Telephone Strategies for Owners, Managers & Especially Your Employees



Bonus Special Report # 4 - 13 Elements of a Sales Generating Advertisement $29 Included
Bonus Special Report # 5 - Yellow Page Advertising Secrets Revealed $99 Included
Bonus Special Report # 6 - 3 FREE Website Marketing e-books to help you create or grow your internet business



30 Day Money Back Guarantee

N/A Included

Total Value



So how much? Believe it or not, you can get your hands on this entire program for a tax-deductible investment of only $47 

 For Only $47


Still Not Convinced?  Let Me Make This Even Easier For You...

Still Not Convinced?  Let Me Make This Even Easier For You...

30 Day

Money-Back Guarantee!


Take up to 30 days to review and profit from my program.  If you don't feel the program is all that I promised, I want you to send it back to me for a full refund.



Guarantee #1 - This program comes with a no-questions, 30 day money back guarantee.  Go ahead, take your time, take it for a 30 day test-drive.  You must be completely satisfied or I want you send it back. If for any reason you decide that this program is not for you, just e-mail me any time within 30 days and I'll buy it back from you for every penny you paid.

Pretty Bold Guarantee Huh?

If your program is worth so much, why is your price so low?   3 Reasons. 

First I practice what I teach.  I have a 30-year reputation of over delivering on value.  That is much more important to me than some short-term profits.  I'm sure you do the same in your business.

Second, all the information is available for immediate download, so there is nothing for me to ship, pack and send.  You get the info right away and save money at the same time!

Third, there have been so many businesses I've known and worked with over the years that have taught me so much, that I felt this was my way of giving back.  So there you have it.


It’s your choice.  You can close this window, and go back to your current lead generation program and start slogging away all over again. 


Or you can make a decision right now with virtually no down side, that has the potential to create a future in which you are not at the mercy of soaring gas prices, high interest rates and an uncertain economy.

Still Have Questions?  Click Here


 For Only $47 

Think Of Your Investment This Way…


For About What You'd Pay For a Modest  Dinner Out, I'll Give You an Entire System Guaranteed to Jumpstart Your Business And Turn Your Company Into a Lead Generation Machine.




  "If You Continue to Generate Leads the Same Old Way, You’re Going to Get the Same Old and Disappointing Results."

To your continued success,

David Carleton


P.S. - Think of it this way...If you close just one more sale as a result of my system you'll more than get your money back. 

P.S.S. - The next move is up to you.  I've shown you that The Ultimate lead Generation System is as risk-free as any offer can be.  Not sure this program is right for you?  Only you can decide. But I can tell you, one thing's for sure...If you don't make some changes soon, your business will continue to under perform and you'll be working harder than you have to.

 P.S.S.S. - Buyers are out there.  They have money and are ready to spend.  They're just waiting for someone like you to give them the right reason.  Go ahead, place your order right now.  Don't be one of those people who waits until it's too late, and then wishes they had acted." 

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